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Kodak Imposition Software

Preps Imposition Software is about producing faster, more accurate impositions. It cuts turnaround time and costs, minimizes errors and maximizes press sheet usage, in an easy, automated process. That’s why Preps Imposition Software is the industry’s leading imposition solution, and one of the most widely used tools in the printing industry.

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Kodak Prinergy Evo Workflow

Printers of all sizes need a workflow that will help them lower production costs, improve efficiency and maximize their ROI. Kodak Prinergy Evo Workflow is built on proven Prinergy PDF processing technology and drives an easy, efficient operation. It is a low-cost solution for printers who don’t currently need an automated data-driven workflow.

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Kodak Prinergy Workflow

For printers, workflow automation is all about lowering costs, increasing efficiency, improving customer satisfaction and ultimately, retaining customers. The right workflow investment is one that will keep pace with your business growth, today and tomorrow.

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